Leave No Trace

Respect Wildlife

Animal Thoughts

Play the roles of various animals and tell what they would think about actions taken by humans.

Participants will have fun considering how our choices affect the animals living in the areas we visit.

15 minutes

Participants will be able to:

Required items for the activity

Think about how you'd feel if someone walked in your front door uninvited and made himself at home. He watched TV for a few hours, ate all your snacks and soda, and then left without cleaning up after himself. How would you feel? Well, we do that whenever we hit the trail.


For example, cutting down a dead snag could affect animals by:

Is there anything we do in the wild that doesn't affect the animals that live there?
What are some ways in general that we can minimize our impact on animals? (leave things as they are, be quiet, be alert)

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Leave No Trace - or even LESS trace

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