Leave No Trace

Respect Wildlife

Stop Bothering Me

Observe people as if they were in a zoo and see how they like it.

Participants will understand how humans harrass animals through their self-centered actions.

10 minutes

Participants will be able to:


Animals live in stressful, difficult environments. When we invade their homes, we increase the stress and we sometimes harrass them.


Ask the Eaters how they felt with everyone watching them.
Was it degrading to have to perform for the treats?
Were they uncomfortable having people watch them eat?

Presentation #2

Did any of the animals attack or steal the food even before it was offered?
Animals will usually run away if they are not used to humans. If they are habituated, then they may expect hand-outs and even become aggressive.
How could we treat animals such as these that we find in the wild? (view from a distance, never feed them)

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Leave No Trace - or even LESS trace

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