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There are four levels of instructor in the world of Leave No Trace education.

Receiving formal Leave No Trace training is not necessary in order to understand and follow the LNT principles. By reading the pages of this web site, you can learn the principles, understand many examples, and even gather together materials to present the principles to others in your organization or group. Check out the end of each of the seven principles pages for training aids and suggestions.

But, there are some instances where formal training may be required. For example, in some wilderness areas, the backpacking group size is limited to a certain number but can be larger if there is proof of Leave No Trace training in the group. By attending a Leave No Trace workshop and receiving a certificate, that is proof of LNT training. In the coming years, it may become mandatory to have more extensive Leave No Trace experience in order to enjoy certain areas.

Leave No Trace Dude is a Master Educator. I attended a Master Educator course in northern Minnesota in 2006 and have been presenting Awareness Workshops and Trainer Courses since then. If you're in Minnesota or Wisconsin, contact Leave No Trace Dude for trainer courses or LNT workshops.

If you're looking for some ideas to present training on Leave No Trace, feel free to use the following activities in your sessions:

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