Leave No Trace Caving

Minimize Caving Impacts

Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but carefully placed footprints.
Kill nothing but time.
      Caver's Creed
caving spelunking

caving leave no trace A footprint left in the dust of a cave may remain for hundreds or thousands of years. The same is true of grafitti and garbage. A small stalactite may have taken 5000 years to form and 5 seconds to be destroyed by the helmet of a distracted explorer.
Cave explorers have been promoting cave conservation for decades in an effort to preserve the beauty and mysterious structures that can only be experienced underground. Just as we are overcrowding the above-ground wilderness, our subteranean wild places are also becoming overused. In order to protect fragile cave environments, a strong commitment to minimum impact techniques needs to be made by all visitors.

In order to leave no trace while caving, practice these special caving ethics:

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Leave No Trace - or even LESS trace

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